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Do values fall under the category of “facts” or “opinions”? Is there a line between facts and beliefs at all, or is it a false dichotomy? If our children are being taught that moral facts don’t exist, then is it any wonder if  they live on the implications?


Natasha CrainIt seems to me that critical thinking skills are essential for daily life, yet even the most intelligent and educated people can make foolish errors in thinking. Critical thinking skills can be picked up through experience, but it is a skill that we should be actively seeking to develop. Follow the link below to see how Natasha Crain of www.christianmomthoughts.com is instructing her children to be critical thinkers.

By the way, this isn’t “Christian” logic, or “secular” logic, it’s just logic. Thinking errors can be made by anyone regardless of ideology; similarly, good thinking skills are not the exclusive domain of any particular belief system.

Natasha Crain – How I’m Teaching My 6-Year-Olds to Be Critical Thinkers

The hemorrhaging of youth from our churches won’t stop until we get intentional about solving the problem.  On the university campus, secular college professors are very Brett_04_mdintentional about indoctrinating your kids.  In a candid moment, prominent atheist professor Richard Rorty tells you exactly what college faculty like him plan to do with your kids: ‘…we try to arrange things so that students who enter as bigoted, homophobic, religious fundamentalists will leave college with views more like our own…we do our best to convince these students of the benefits of secularization….So we are going to go right on trying to discredit you in the eyes of your children, trying to strip your fundamentalist religious community of dignity, trying to make your views seem silly rather than discussable..’ Make no mistake, there are plenty Richard Rortys out there, waiting for your kids.  So, what are you going to do to prepare them for the serious challenges ahead?—Brett Kunkle (from, Who’s Waiting for Your Kids?)

(from The Poached Egg)


Pornography is sexually traumatising an entire generation of boys. … Ultimately, the responsibility lies with us, the parents. The age of innocence is over.




There is a shortage of good apologetics material out there for kids, and I am always on the lookout for more.

One of those is my friend Melissa Travis‘s book “How Do We Know God is Really There?”

https://www.facebook.com/HowDoWeKnowGodisReallyThere, order here: http://wp.me/P3fD5x-1z

Also, William Lane Craig has a series out as well here:


Lee Strobel also has books for kids based on his “Case for…” series:


If you know of other good ones, add them to the comments!