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paulcopanWe need to help people be aware of the important issues with which they will need to contend. In the area of apologetics, we must give reasons for why we believe. We see so many believers who have only a superficial understanding of Scripture and have no basis for saying why the Christian faith is true and or why he is not a Hindu or a Muslim. Without that awareness of an objective foundation for belief, they will buy into books like the Da Vinci Code and will be much more vulnerable to the tactics of new religious movements like Mormonism or Jehovah Witnesses. Because they are not biblically or theologically founded they can become more easily confused and rattled when they read a book like Richard Dawkins’s The God Delusion. They just have not thought deeply about their own faith; so they become swayed by anti or non-Christian perspectives. —Paul Copan (From the interview: Starting Right Where I Am

(from The Poached Egg)

J. Warner Wallace, in his blog Cold Case Christianity, lays out a persuasive case in six steps, showing that the Book of Mormon was a fraudulent history written by a false prophet, Joseph Smith, and was not divinely inspired.  He sums up mormontemplethe case so:

The Birth of Mormonism is the Result of Historical “Happenstance” Rather Than the Result of God’s Divine Intervention

The Second Great Awakening Swept Through New York and Set the Stage
The Great Preachers of the Awakening Left Little Guidance
The Culture of the Time Was Fascinated With the Origin of Native Americans
The People of Palmyra Were Also Fascinated in Treasure-Digging

Joseph Smith Had a History of Fraudulent Activity in the Area That He Incorporated Into His Claims Related to the Discovery of the Golden Plates

He was a Local Treasure-Digger
He Learned How to Use a “Seer Stone” from a Local Travelling “Diviner”
He Was Charged with Fraud When He Was Unable to Make Good on His Claims

Joseph Smith Fraudulently Utilized His Childhood Experience to Convince Others That He was Translating Ancient Plates

No One Ever Observed the Plates with Their Natural Eyes
Joseph Translated In a Manner Similar to His Technique for Finding Lost Treasure
Joseph Was Unable to Duplicate the Lost 116 Pages

Joseph Smith Dictated the Book of Mormon, Fraudulently Claiming That It was An Ancient Text

It Contains Formal King James Language
It Contains Elements from the “View of the Hebrews”
It Contains Wholesale Passages from the King James Bible
It Contains Uncorrected King James Translation Errors
It Contains King James “Archaisms”
It Contains Uniquely Outdated KJV Terminology
It Contains Commonly Considered “Specious” Passages
It Contains a Number of Anachronisms

Paraphrases from Jesus, Long Before His Earthly Life
New Testament Paraphrases, Before They Were Written
Quotes from the Greek New Testament, Long Before It Was Written
Quotes from the New Testament Letters, Long Before They Were Penned
The Gospel, Long Before It was Revealed
The Church, Long Before It Was Founded
Christians, Long Before They Were Named
The Holy Ghost Bestowed, Long Before Pentecost
Animals Described in the Americas, Long Before They Arrived There
Food in the Americas, Long Before They Were Harvested
Weapons Used By Native Americans, Long Before They Were Invented
Modern Innovations, Long Before They Had Been Innovated
Words Used in the “Ancient” Text, Long Before They Ever Existed
Events Written in the Past Tense, Long Before They Occurred

It Contains NO Archaeologically Verifiable Information

Joseph Smith Was Ultimately Exposed as a Fraudulent Author of a Text He Claimed was Scripture from God

The Book of Abraham Exposes Smith as a False Translator

Joseph Smith had more than enough reason to lie about the Book of Mormon. He benefited financially and used his position as founder and prophet to engage in polygamy and establish himself as a figure of authority in his community. Given the depth and breadth of the cumulative circumstantial and direct physical evidence related to the timing of the Mormon movement, the character and motive of Joseph Smith, the manner in which Smith claimed to find and translate the Book of Mormon, the errant and peculiar characteristics of the Book of Mormon and the true and contradictory translation of the Book of Abraham, there is more than enough reason to conclude Joseph Smith was a fraud and the Book of Mormon is a work of fiction.

See how Wallace builds his case and supports these points at the full article here: http://coldcasechristianity.com/2014/investigating-the-evidence-for-mormonism-in-six-steps/