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My Top 10 Musical Artists for 2012

Rank/Artist & tags/2012 plays

Ulrich Schnauss – ambient chillout electronic
Qntal – electronic medieval fusion
Armin van Buuren – electronic, progressive trance
Above & Beyond – electronic, vocal trance
Ladytron – synthpop electronic
Falling You – ethereal ambient, female vocals
Dean & Britta – dream pop
Sey Hollo – post-rock instrumental
Dash Berlin – electronic, vocal trance
Delerium – chillout electronic, female vocals

(source: http://www.last.fm/user/jkwood/charts)

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I listen to music a lot.  Almost always I listen from my computer or phone, and since I have their client installed on these devices,  the tracks are noted in the Last.fm database.  So, I am able to see what kind of music I am listening to over time.  For an OCD person like myself, this is great.

Last year, three things happened that had a big impact on in the ways I listen to music, and allowed my access to music as never before.  Prior to then, most of the music I listened to was from my personally owned MP3 library of about 50 gb of music.  The effect of these things listed below is that my exposure to new artists and music, as well as old favorites, has been dramatically increased, and so the top 10 for 2012 is full of a lot of newcomers to my annual lists.

Spotify Logo

First, I expanded my use of Spotify which, conveniently, has the last.fm client built-in.  (Spotify users: look for the links to the featured songs below, or listen to them all in this playlist.)  For me, Spotify is the greatest thing since sliced bread: most any song and album I can think of available on demand with no cost, other than being ad-supported (ad-free available with subscription).  In addition, Spotify has the ability to generate a radio station based on artist, song, or playlist.  I have used this quite a lot.

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Second, late in 2011, I got a smart phone (Motorola’s Droid Bionic, to be specific).  Spotify has a client for Android (with last.fm built-in as well) which, while not allowing track-on-demand play unless subscribed, does allow radio for free users.  I have used this phone as my portable music player while away from my computer and in need of a music buzz.

Turntable.fm Icon

Third, my use of Turntable.fm continued from 2011.  Turntable is a social music site which allows on-the-fly creation of rooms in which people can play music tracks for others in the room.  This site also allows connection with last.fm to track the songs you listen to.  These rooms often are genre-based, but can also be free-for-all, depending on what rules the room moderator (the room creator or designee) has established.  When using this site, I am most often in the Trance Out room, and #3, #4, and #9 in my top ten are a result of hanging around in this room.  A sense of how much I listened to Trance electronic music last year can be gained by considering that I mostly listened to trance in a radio-station format, rather than listening to albums, and even so, three of the top ten artists last year were trance.  Indeed, if my last.fm charts are sorted by tracks instead of artists, the top 14 songs I listened to the most in 2012 were all electronic trance.  If you are interested in hearing more great trance music, check out my Spotify Trance playlist.

So let’s talk about my top ten from 2012…

  1.  Ulrich Schnauss – Emerging at the top of my list last year is a German composer whom I had recommended to me in the late part of 2011 (thanks, Ben!), Ulrich Schnauss.  If I recall correctly, the first song I heard by him, “…Passing By”  (video below), became an instant favorite.  Schnauss blends the feel of atmospheric ambient with harder-edged electronica, somewhat akin in feel to Vangelis’ “Blade Runner” to my ear.  Other standout tracks include “A Letter from Home,” “Coming Up for Air,” and “Clear Day.” 
  2. Qntal – My second most listened to last year was a  longtime favorite German band.  Qntal blends electronic synth performed by Fil, classic medieval instruments played by Michael Popp, and the haunting vocals of Syrah to create music based on historical works such as Carmina Burana (“Ecce Gratum” and “Flamma“) The songs are mostly in Latin, medieval German, and other European languages, but I enjoy the music all the same (or perhaps because of this), as for me the vocals become one of the instruments of music and further draw the two seemingly incompatible styles of electronica and ancient music together into an entrancing, beautiful mix.  For more great tracks, try “Vedes Amigo Illuminate,” “Am Morgen Fruo,” and “Entre Moi Et Mon Amin.”
  3. Armin van Buuren – And now, we start seeing the effects of my trance bingeing last year, as the number three spot goes to Armin van Buuren.  This Dutch-born progressive trance producer is a well-known and loved name in electronic music, having been experimenting with the genre for over two decades.  Armin enjoys much fame from remixing other artists, but also has won awards for his original work on albums “Shiver” and “Imagine.”  He also broadcasts a radio show “A State of Trance” with over 26 million listeners a week.  Standout tracks include “Birth of an Angel” (video below), and “J’ai Envie De Toi.”
  4. Above & Beyond – Number four on my list is the British uplifting trance artist Above & Beyond.  Much of A&B’s music is light vocal trance with guest female vocalists, my favorite of whom is Zoë Johnston.  Above & Beyond also has a popular weekly radio show called “Trance Around the World.”  Great tracks by this artist and Johnston include “Good for Me” (video below), “Alchemy,” and “You Got to Go.”  
  5. Ladytron – Moving up from number 9 in 2011, the British band Ladytron continued to impress and entertain me this year as I leveraged Spotify to listen to more of their tracks and further discover their sound.  Perhaps best described as new wave synthpop meets modern electronica, Ladytron delivers an appealing indie/80’s music feel without being too lo-fi gimmicky or kitschy.  Favorites of mine are the tracks “Tomorrow,” “Destroy Everything You Touch,” and “Ghosts.”  
  6. Falling You – If you have read my previous years’ top ten lists, you get no points for guessing that this artist made my list this year.  Always on my top ten, Falling You continues year after year to be a source of soothing, inspiring music.  Featuring a varied cast of female guest vocalists and dark ambient-pop accompaniment, Falling You is my “comfort food” of music, being often what I fall back to when I am looking to relax and de-stress, and it does its job well.  As with 2011, their newest album “Adore” received the most of my attention (see my review of this album here).  My favorite tracks last year by them include “Firestorm,” “Song of Summer,” and “Moving One.”  
  7. Dean & Britta – Tied for number seven is Dean & Britta, a band which I discovered through Turntable.fm, and was glad I did.  This group was another instant favorite, evoking dream pop acts such as Mazzy Star, Tearwave, and Cocteau Twins.  Favorite tracks include “Night Nurse,” “Moonshot,” and “I Deserve It.”  
  8. Sey Hollo – Sharing the number seven spot is Sey Hollo, a one-man project by the Swedish artist Sebastian Larsson.  Sporting a rich, heavy, post-rock grunge reminiscent of early Starflyer 59, Sey Hollo is an instrumental act that achieves both beauty and power.  My least favorite part of my favorite tracks, are the last half minute or so of political sound bytes.  All the same, the music itself is so good that I don’t mind skipping the last bit of the song to go to the next.  Best tracks: “Growth,” “World Trade Center,” and “Eighty Five Percent” (warning, brief explicit language).  
  9. Dash Berlin – The number nine spot belongs to Dash Berlin, of the Netherlands.  I first discovered this artist in the Trance Out room of Turntable.fm and have been consistently impressed with the clean melodic style of this uplifting/progressive trance artist.  Recommended songs: “Till the Sky Falls Down” (video below), “Never Cry Again,” and “Waiting.”  
  10. Delerium – Wrapping up the top ten is Delerium, consisting (presently) of Bill Leeb from Skinny Puppy and Rhys Fulber of Conjure One (both also of Front Line Assembly fame).  Over time, the sound of Delerium has changed somewhat from a dark ambient to a mellow electronica.  Their newest album, “Music Box Opera” refines this style even more with some trip-hop influence, reminding me of Morcheeba and Massive Attack, especially in these suggested tracks, “Hammer” and “Sky.”  

(view last year’s top 10 here: https://jkw00d.wordpress.com/2012/01/03/my-top-10-1-musical-artists-2011/)

Rank/Artist & tags/2011 plays


Falling You – ethereal ambient, female vocals 341


Within Temptation – symphonic metal, female vocals 325


Shiva in Exile – ethnic electronic, female vocals 304


Burial – ambient dubstep electronic 172


Irfan – ethereal ethnic, female vocals 161


Conjure One – chillout electronic, female vocals 97


Solace – ethnic/world rhythms 93


Amethystium – ambient ethereal electronic 89


Ladytron – synthpop electronic 68


Lycia – ethereal darkwave, female vocals 62


Shiny Toy Guns – alternative electronic 54

(source: http://www.last.fm/user/jkwood/charts)

  1. Falling You– always a favorite, been in my overall top 10 for years.  This music is great for relaxing, and I use it often for that purpose.  Most of 2011’s plays came from the new album, Adore. (Falling You’s Magnatune page)  
  2. Within Temptation– While I’ve been a mostly casual fan of Within Temptation for a few years, the release of their album The Unforgiving in March 2011 excited me about this band, as I think this is their best album yet.  The symphonic metal style is a little out of place within this top 10, but this album is really more rock and symphony than metal, in my opinion.
  3. Shiva in Exile– Another Magnatune artist (as is Falling You), this is a new band for me this year.  I have been growing in recent years in my appreciation for ethnic music, particularly middle eastern influences.  SIE has heavy influences of middle east fused with modern electronic music, creating a very catchy and unusual sound.
  4. Burial – another new artist for me.  I discovered the music of Burial through the social music site www.turntable.fm (as I did #9 Ladytron, #11 Shiny Toy Guns, and many others), after which I purchased their two albums, Burial and Untrue.  With a dark ambient sound, heavy electronic processing and vocal sampling, I found myself attracted to this music, listening to the albums on repeat several days in a row.
  5. Irfan – This is one of the original sources of interest to me of middle-eastern/Arabic-influenced music.  I finally bought their albums Irfan (http://www.last.fm/music/Irfan/IRFAN) and Seraphim (http://www.last.fm/music/Irfan/Seraphim).  I have not been disappointed!
  6. Conjure One – Continuing an apparent trend in this year’s top music, I have also discovered this mellow electronic side project of Rhys Fulber (of Delirium and Front Line Assembly fame).  Also of no surprise to those that know my music taste (or who glanced at the tags in the list above), most of my favorite music features female vocalists, and while there is no permanent vocalist, Conjure One has many featured female singers (Falling You has a similar rotation of guest vocals.).  These singers have a variety of styles and sounds that compliment the accompaniment well.
  7. Solace – Still on my new music search this year, Solace popped up on my radar during my subscription to Magnatune (www.magnatune.com, home also of Falling You and Shiva in Exile from this list) as an artist similar to Shiva in Exile that I might like.  As I would consider this a less “westernized” Arab/Middle-eastern style, it may appeal less to some than does Shiva or Irfan.  Indeed, even though it is in my top artists, I must admit that there are no real standout tracks for me to recommend.
  8. Amethystium – Another longtime favorite, Amethystium is one of those artists I default to when I need something light in the background for reading, studying, or working.  Not that this is elevator music, by any means.  A variety of world music sounds combine with electronica and New Age styles to make many interesting and different-sounding tracks.
  9. Ladytron – Having been exposed to Ladytron through www.turntable.fm, my appreciation grew over time as I recognized that my foot tapped to this female-fronted electronic (another trend for me this year) music each time it came up.  Spotify and Turntable account for the many plays on this list in 2011.
  10. Lycia – A steady favorite throughout the years, Lycia has throughout their albums kept my eager interest as the sound morphed from droning guitars and low-key vocals to female-fronted ethereal and experimental when Tara Vanflower came on board.  This group steadily stays in top rotation.
  11. Shiny Toy Guns – Yet another www.turntable.fm discovery for me, I’ve grown to appreciate the style of this group which I was initially inclined to dismiss as another pretentious indie garage band.  I’m glad to be wrong; I find that this band has a catchy pop appeal with strong electronica/dance values underneath.  A quick favorite (once I gave them a chance!)  My expectation of further growth in my esteem earns them an honorary place in the top 10.

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