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What is the Woodshed?  Historically, “going to the woodshed” means receiving correction and discipline (which I often need).  In music circles, “going to the woodshed” means practicing carefully and diligently on a piece of music until that piece is mastered and ready to be shared with others.  This blog serves as a journal and a sounding board for my thoughts on life, religion, philosophy, arts, and theology, as I hone my thinking on particular topics.  In particular, I enjoy studying and writing about evidences that support the Christian worldview, and reflections on God’s grace as appearing in works of contemporary culture.

I strongly believe that the unexamined life is not worth living and similarly that the unexamined belief is not worth living.  If these sorts of discussions interest you, please subscribe to my blog to receive updates when I post.

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I came to be a Christian when I was a young child, but did not mature much spiritually until my thirties when I began to study discipleship and apologetics.  Through these, my faith and confidence in the truth claims of Christianity have grown.  Now, I seek to increase my knowledge and understanding so that I can further develop a more comprehensive Christian worldview for myself, my family, and those in my sphere of influence.

I presently live in Pelham, Alabama, and work at Briarwood Church as the computer network administrator.  I have a B.A. degree in Computer Science from University of Alabama at Birmingham, and am currently pursuing a master’s degree in apologetics from Birmingham Theological Seminary.

I also author a family-friendly blog reviewing board games here. Check it out!

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