shhhhI have not been posting much recently, as you may have noticed, and when I have posted, it has largely been links to articles and blogs elsewhere, with little commentary from me.

There are multiple reasons for my relative silence.

  1. While I am still very much interested in writing on issues of evidential Christian apologetics, I have been concentrating on local teaching and activities in this area, because…
  2. My time and energy to devote to developing my online presence have been in short supply over the last year, mostly (but not entirely) due to …
  3. The weight of my perceived responsibility to reply to any and all challenges to the information posted, if not for the sake of the trolls, then for those watching who might be swayed, further drains my energy for engaging in this type of interaction.
  4. Additionally, the seeming futility of persuasion via comment box on Facebook, Twitter, or even this blog makes me reluctant to post due to the controversial nature of the items I generally post and the time and energy drain with no apparent return that looms in the subsequent interactions.

However, since I want to continue producing helpful content without burning myself completely out, at this point I am going to be making the following changes:

  1. I have disabled comments to posts on this blog. I think it’s going to be the only way I can stay sane.
  2. I will be creating a new Facebook page for Fans of the Woodshed. This is where I will be directing you who wish to follow and interact (nicely).
  3. I will also provide an email address for those who would like to converse with me privately on the topics posted.
  4. If challenges raised to the posts warrant, I will be following up with further thoughts/clarifications/explanations in a subsequent posting.

I believe with these changes for these reasons, I can offer regular postings, interact responsibly with fair objections, and not feel like my life is dedicated to maintenance of this blog. I hope this makes sense and seems reasonable to you, and that you will find this to be a consistent and helpful resource for you in investigating and defending Christian truth claims.