Lydia McGrew, on her blog “What’s Wrong with the World” addresses ridicule in place of rational discourse in this challenge she came across:

So what I ask of you is this: Try to rattle your own faith. Shake it up. Cause as much doubt as you can. Read what the best of the opposition has to say, and take it seriously. Describe your own faith in the most contentious terms possible (e.g., “an invisible friend who grants me wishes”) and recognize that this is, though not how you would put it, still literally true about what you believe.

She says:

I think this business about “recognizing” that this is “literally what you believe” might very well be effective on some Christians who think that they are being hard-headed and investigating their faith, so I think it’s just as well to hit it good and hard. …

At the risk of being snarky, I have to say that “Jesus is a magical, invisible friend who grants you wishes” is true except for “magical,” “invisible,” “friend,” and “grants you wishes.” In other words, it’s completely wrong.

And then she systematically dismantles the challenge.  See how here:

Photo by @Doug88888, creative commons license

Photo by @Doug88888, creative commons license