As a parent, I’m always interested in age-appropriate resources to teach my kids why they should believe the Bible and give them reasons to present to others as they grow up. Here’s a great list.

Beyond Teachable Moments


Are you looking for material to help you teach your young children about Christian apologetics? Four years ago, so was I. But I couldn’t find anything that was designed to be hands-on, memorable and fun.

So I started to invent activities to teach our kids the basics about Christian apologetics. For a long time I’ve been meaning to corral all my training materials into one place, and in some kind of logical order.

This post does just that.

Consider the window of influence you have to train your children to have and hold on to a faith in God throughout their lives.

I’m not talking about a blind faith. And I’m not suggesting that your kids should have faith in God just because you do.

I’m suggesting that you investigate the evidence for and against God’s existence with your children and help them to understand where the weight of evidence…

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