Jason Wisdom at the Because It’s True blog asks the question, “Is your church raising an army of skeptics?”

I don’t know how many times I have heard people downplay the need for doctrine and apologetics by saying things like, “What people really need is not a theology or evidence, but an experience. No one can take an experience away from you, and no argument can override what you have actually experienced.” Now, please don’t misunderstand what I am about to say, I believe that the Holy Spirit indwells every regenerate follower of Jesus. I believe that there is a first-hand, personal, experiential component to knowing and walking with God. So don’t hear me say what I am not saying. I am not trying to de-supernaturalize or de-personalize Christianity (though some will no doubt accuse me of doing precisely that). At the same time, I think there has been a movement within evangelical Christianity, especially over the past 30 years, to focus so heavily on the personal, relational element that it has almost become a new branch of Christianity–one where subjective experience trumps both revelation and evidence.

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