Natasha Crain is the author of the blog Christian Mom Thoughts, a terrific, practical journal by a Christian mother interested in teaching her children not only what to believe, but why, in order that they can have confidence based on knowledge and certainty, and not blind faith.  In the two-part blog series listed below, she discusses why and how to teach our children about atheism.choice

Atheism is not just one more possible challenge to our kids’ faith. It is THE most likely challenge today.

With this post, I’d like to raise awareness of why Christian parents should care so much about understanding atheist views and why we should proactively address these specific challenges to Christianity with our kids.

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[W]e can no longer teach our kids about Christianity in a silo and expect them to automatically stand spiritually strong. The challenges today are too great. As I discussed in my last post, the atheist worldview in particular is a threat to the faith of young people.

In today’s post, I want to give you some very practical ideas for teaching your kids about atheism.

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